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On message BBC cheerleaders go all in for Clement Revolution!

It didn’t require much to get BBC Scotland on board with the Philippe Clement Revolution!

A 4-0 home win over a dismal Hibs side that would have been turned over against most Premiership clubs was the sign that the state broadcaster was looking for that this season could be salvaged.

Eleven Celtic title wins over the last 12 years have almost broken the spirits at the BBC Sports Desk with Kenny Macintyre. Tom English and Alasdair Lamont visually and mentally scarred by covering those events.

Martin Dowden is the emerging star at BBC Scotland, recruited by the same process that identified the trio above and groomed into the specifics of the job by his more senior colleagues.

So far this week there hasn’t been the slightest sound of caution over the Clement Revolution, to emphasise their backing Kenny Miller and Lee McCulloch were drafted in to yesterday’s coverage to add additional clout.

Covering the euphoria of yesterday’s resounding victory on the BBC website, Dowden purred:

Clement hogged the touchline throughout, encouraging his players even when things weren’t coming off. He even seemed to interfere with play on the pitch early on, much to the ire of the opposition dugout, such was his enthusiasm.

The small seeds he said he’d planted in his squad did indeed seem to have impact. It was far from vintage, but there were promising signs in that the fundamentals were executed well, allowing quality to thrive and deliver a comprehensive win.

“The best teams in the world make mistakes – what is important is your reaction and our reaction was good,” Clement said. “You see that, although it was only two days, the players want to do the things that we showed them.

“I saw what I wanted to see – to play dominant, attacking football with a good pressing game.”

Two former Rangers players were equally enthused by the early evidence on offer.

“In your first game, it’s just about getting the victory,” former midfielder Lee McCulloch suggested. “They’ve played well. He asked for dominant attacking football and that’s certainly what it was today.

“Albeit, in my opinion, it was a little bit of Hibs not being up to scratch. But Rangers, the players, the fans and the togetherness, yes, it was certainly there.”

Former Ibrox striker Kenny Miller insisted the performance gives a platform on which to build.

“It’s important the whole team takes confidence and belief as that is how they will move forward,” he said.

“Clement has spoken about small steps and he can’t change everything at once. Well, he’s had a positive result today and a real positive performance. There was a real support coming from the stands.

“He needs the fans behind him and what it will take is performances. It’s small steps forward. He got an energy back in this stadium and a belief that maybe this season things can be salvaged.”

With no chance of a return to management in England Micky Beale is expected to join the team at BBC Sportsound early in the new year for an exciting new challenge, I fink.

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  • by John Copeland
    Posted October 22, 2023 12:51 pm 0Likes

    The BBC in Scawlin’ were doing their bit yesterday to make the newest the Rangers manager feel welcomed and dearly loved for his first game in charge . In the studio of Sportsound there was Mac Intyre and Crichton . At the palace of Ibrox they had Lamont , Miller , MC Cullough ,Dowden . Six people to commentate for RADIO ! TNT will not have that amount for its Uefa Champions league final show . Oh , and then to top it all there was Chic Young with a the Rangers ‘exclusive ‘ from Firhill Park about Souness ! He told the world that his pal Souness would be ‘rejoining ‘ the Rangers revolution …but hadn’t a clue in what capacity ? So now we know where most of the BBC Scotland’s budget is wasted on … By the way , I see wee Doddsy’s got his old job back too . It warms the old ticker muscles ,doesn’t it ?

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