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‘The board have him in their pocket’ ‘whole thing has been a shambles’ ‘pay him off now’ Celtic fans rally to Matt McGlone’s stinging tweet

A tweet from Matt McGlone seemed to sum up the confusion that most Celtic fans are feeling about the position of their club.

A five point lead at the top of any league in the middle of December is very desirable but on the back of last season there is no denying that Celtic have declined sharply under Brendan Rodgers.

The magic that the Irishman brought to the club in 2016 has disappeared, there are many factors involved in that but by any metric there is no denying at Celtic fans are watching a vastly inferior product to a year ago with little in the way of excitement, entertainment or enjoyment.

Flashes of inspired play are becoming less and less frequent. Rodgers takes heart from being competitive in stages of all Champions League ties, in one of the weaker groups Celtic have one point from five matches to add to the other depressing statistics from previous seasons.

While the form of the team fluctuates so to does the media comments from the manager.

In the bigger picture he distanced himself from recruitment during the summer, putting his trust in the brilliant judgement of Mark Lawwell to deliver the players required to make progress.

With only one player from that batch earning pass marks and the rest barely getting near a first team jersey Rodgers has taken ownership of the disastrous summer recruitment, playing up his involvement and how he had the final say with any of the prospects put in front of him.

After last week’s win at St Johnstone Rodgers was keen to tell the media of his half-time anger, how the players had responded and turned the match around.

Yesterday he delivered a very muted reaction to another defeat at Kilmarnock. He watched his players wilt in the second half, there was no change in tactics with the substitutions made having no impact on the match.

Offered the get out of new signings in January Rodgers neatly diverted the conversation to getting players back from injury.

Perhaps he has been told that his requests for experience and quality next month have been turned down- that it will be another diet of projects or nothing for the Celtic boss to deliver the SPFL title and a Champions League pay-day for the Balance Sheet Bhoys in the boardroom.

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