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I fecking hate bookmarks- Celebrity Jambo pays the price for his summer bragging

In mid-July hope was in the air, there was a spring in the step of Ewen Cameron as Celtic fans toiled with the loss of Ange Postecoglou and wondered what sort of Brendan Rodgers had returned to the club.

The DJ and podcaster is never slow at pushing himself forward- especially if there might be trouble on the horizon at Celtic even if it is only wishful thinking.

Cameron tries a bit too hard to be a Hearts fan, his excitement on the day he was invited to the Blue Room for Steven Gerrard’s introduction was too much of a giveaway as he skipped around trackside hoping to get a selfie with his England hero.

Difficulties for Celtic is what really floats his boat, something that has been in short supply throughout this century and especially over the last decade.

Goaded on by a Celtic fan checking out the fixtures Cameron got very bold as he anticipated Rodgers returning to Tynecastle, up against the tactical might of wee Naisy who had convinced the Hearts board that he was an upgrade on Robbie Neilson.

Like Micky Beale at Ibrox, Naisy has yet to win a meaningful game in management, six months on that isn’t a good look.

Yesterday’s match was barely a contest with Hearts hardly able to muster up the level of aggression that Naismith managed as a player when he put the boot into anything in green and white before inevitably being substituted with his side losing.

Celtic’s midfield was a cut above whatever the home side could muster. With Luis Palma looking more and more at home the hoops look to have discovered another creative option with the Honduran heavily involved in the first and third goals.

Cameron returned to Twitter on Sunday night, finding his timeline unusually busy with one bold tweet from mid-July featuring prominently.

Playing the role of footballing Shock Jock for years it hasn’t quite kicked off for Cameron who was one of the faces of the short lived STV2 station a few years ago.

Most football fans can see straight through him, in Scotland there is a particular disdain for media types that try to deny their true allegiances, there really aren’t that many St Mirren, Partick Thistle and Airdrie supporters out there.

Wearing the hoops or not for a forfeit doesn’t change anything, at the slightest sight of trouble for Celtic the ‘Jambo’ won’t be able to restrain himself with the ineviible consequences never too far away.


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