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The Pittodrie incident that Kevin Clancy can’t pass off as an honest mistake

As ever Kevin Clancy made a number of baffling decisions during Celtic’s 3-1 victory at Aberdeen, back in the Scottish game Graeme Shinnie appears to have immunity from yellow cards despite persistent fouling.

David Turnbull was rightly booked for a high and dangerous challenge midway through the first half, fortunately there was no force involved or Clancy could have reached for red as he did in December against the former Motherwell midfielder.

Clancy was far more sympathetic to Aberdeen players who were able to clip the heels and body check opponents without any prospect of a booking.

A first half booking brings with it a warning that red could follow which ensures that players stick within the Laws of the Game which reduces their usefulness against the champions.

Clancy knows that he can get away with those subjective honest mistakes, he’s had a decade on the circuit, collecting the top match fees, generous expenses and European jollies.

One incident yesterday wasn’t subjective. Ten yards for a Celtic free kick is the same as the 10 yards that every other club has to retreat to allow a free kick to be taken.

Since the 2014 World Cup Finals in Brazil referees have been given a marker that allows them to ensure that the defensive wall is 10 yards away from the ball at a free kick.

What happened in the incident above is anyone’s guess.

It is reasonable to assume that the grass is cut in equal strips which makes each of them six yards wide, neatly fitting into the 18 yard box.

With the free kick two yards outside of the penalty box and allowing for the diagonal the wall is at most eight yards away from the free kick, something that Matt O’Riley and other Celtic players highlighted. Clancy didn’t want to know.

O’Riley manage to get the ball over the wall and under the bar, forcing Kelle Roos to push the ball away for a corner. Had the wall been back the proper distance the Celtic midfielder would have got more power into his sot, he might have found the back of the net.

Naturally the incident attracted no additional media attention.

According to BBC Scotland statistics Celtic had 67% possession but committed only one less foul that Aberdeen, 11 against 12.

This continues the pattern from last season where fouls are twice as likely to be given against the league leaders and top scorers regardless of who their opponents are.

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  • by James Archibald
    Posted August 14, 2023 8:54 am 0Likes

    the centre half took turnbulL out, nothing, it was a yellow. He booked cal for a lesser but if not similar foul yup this happens every season if you watch mcinnes Aberdeen sides systematically fouling so they didn’t get booked, Watch the next killie game

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