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Rent Free- how Chris Sutton reeled Kris Boyd in

It is about as big a mismatch as you are likely to find.

From the moment Sky Sports announced that they has signed up Chris Sutton thoughts instantly switched to the match-ups with Sky’s leading Scottish pundit- Kris Boyd.

Up alongside James McFadden and Kris Commons over the last few seasons Boyd has dominated the studio debates, trying hard to turn himself in to a personality when in reality most viewers are either cringing or laughing at him.

Eleven Celtic titles in 12 years has aged Boyd badly, not that he was ever the sharpest in his prime.

Switching into the media the last thing that he expected was to be ringside for five Celtic trebles in seven seasons, up until 2015 the hoops had only won one treble in Boyd’s lifetime.

Last Saturday set the ground rules for a season of misery for Boyd.

For starters he was inside Celtic Park on flag day, even before Celtic had kicked off against Ross County Sutton reminded him that he’d told Ange Postecoglou that he’d be as well packing up and heading back to Australia within a month of his first match in charge of Celtic.

Postecoglou only haunted Boyd for two years, as long as he earns a crust from the media the shadow of Sutton will loom large.

At Rugby Park last Saturday Sutton revelled in watching Micky Beale’s Galacticos falling to defeat, afterwards he got to share his joy with a flustered Boyd.

When the former Killie striker mentioned Beale and pressure Sutton was on the job. He probed away at Boyd to explain the pressure, the consequences, he even got Boyd to mention the rookie boss losing his first seven matches!

Sutton kept throwing pressure at Boyd- a week later in The Sun the thought is still bouncing about in Boyd’s head.

In today’s Sun Boyd ends his column with:

As things stand, though, there isn’t much optimism around Ibrox. I talk to supporters every day of my life and they’re definitely concerned with what they’re seeing. The excitement they had for the new season has disappeared and the grumblings are audible. That heaps pressure on Beale, even if a new Sky Sports colleague of mine can’t see it.

After one appearance Sutton has sent Boyd off and running thinking of the pressure Beale is under!

Round two of Sutton and Boyd is scheduled for Pittodrie tomorrow, if Celtic win it will be another uncomfortable shift for Boyd knowing that every daft comment he makes will be turned on him by Sutton in a way that Commons or Faddy just couldn’t imagine.

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  • by Captain Swing
    Posted August 12, 2023 8:49 pm 0Likes

    Like watching a cat playing with a mouse.

    A particularly stupid mouse, slow of wit and movement.

  • by scousebhoy
    Posted August 13, 2023 8:47 am 0Likes

    trying to look intelligent holding a folder in the photo what is in it join the dots ?.

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