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‘Blatant penalty’ ‘Stick on pen’ ‘Penalty for sure’ Celtic fans react to Andrew Dallas’ Pittodrie penalty call

The complete lack of transparency by the SFA on all matters refereeing was again an issue at Aberdeen today.

With the match still goal-less Shayden Morris was in bother trying to control a high ball in the penalty box with Greg Taylor nearby.

After the ball bounced in grazed past the defender’s shin then up towards his outstretched arm where in struck him around the elbow.

A few seconds later the message from Sky Sports was that the incident had been reviewed with the explanation being that the ball had hit Morris in that t-shirt area which is quite a stretch.

The most popular excuse offered on Twitter was that it wasn’t a penalty because the ball had first struck his body.

That excuse doesn’t stand up compared to the penalty that Ross County were given against Celtic last November when a County player struck the ball from close range at Matt O’Riley with the ball bouncing off the midfielder’s thigh onto his arm.

There are other incidents of similar decisions made, with zero transparency from the SFA fans are left to try and put the pieces together.

Last season Andy Walker gave the game away when he revealed that the Sky Sports commentary team have a live feed to the conversation between the VAR and match referee.

If it is good enough for Sky why isn’t the same access given to supporters that have paid £30 to attend a match or to subscribers watching at home?

After his pre-season media blast Crawford Allan is expected to take a vow of silence until Kris Boyd and Robbie Neilson kick up a fuss about a goal awarded to Celtic.

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  • by Johnno
    Posted August 13, 2023 7:57 pm 0Likes

    Never a penalty, and very weak argument to be comparing last season as a benchmark for this season.
    Only hoping to see more cop on with decision making with VAR.
    If penalties are still going to be given for the likes of that, then Scottish football will remain dire.
    Main reason many would call for the likes is there thinking that the scum would be awarded the likes?
    That still remains debatable, as definitely not if against them, good chance of getting it, and definitely if losing or struggling within the game.
    Don’t think we need to come down to hun scum levels

  • by Sarah
    Posted August 13, 2023 8:16 pm 0Likes

    Celtic were denied clear penalty for foul on Maeda in run up to 3rd goal. Bbc sportscene commentator said “not for me” but the Aberdeen player clearly fouled him. This matters but just keeps happening

  • by Brian
    Posted August 13, 2023 8:38 pm 0Likes

    Totally wrong jonno, the Aberdeen player tried and failed to control the ball with his foot, hence the reason it came up and hits his arm last season should have nothing to do with it, every incident judged on its own merits. Penalty for me.

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