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His camp has made a big mistake- Gangwon President hits out as Celtic’s Yung deal hits new snag

The complex transfer of Yang Hyun-jun from Gangwon appears to have taken another D-tour with the club President hitting out at the tactics being used.

Kim Byung-ji, President of Gangwon, has warned the winger that there will be a backlash but that could simply be setting the scene for the 2.5m euro deal to Celtic to be completed.

Last week news began to emerge out of Korea with the financial details between the two clubs agreed but the transfer date was proving a major hurdle.

Sitting in 11th place in the 12 team K-League , Gangwon wanted to delay the transfer until January which didn’t suit Celtic- or the player who went public with his criticism.

Now it seems that the fault lines are spilling over.

Celtic’s move to sign Marco Tilio from Melbourne City seems to have brought the issue to a head with Yang aware that the hoops have other transfer targets to go for.

There has been no comment at any point from Celtic relating to interest in Yang.

CLICK HERE for Yang’s Transfermarkt profile.

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