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Douglas Ross WAS paid £48 expenses from SFA as Westminster probes his double claim on Hampden parking ticket

Douglas Ross has refused to go into detail over a dodgy £48 expenses claim from the delayed Scottish Cup semi-final between Celtic and Aberdeen at Hampden in November 2020.

News leaked out on Sunday about the claim from a Tory whistleblower in the aftermath of Ross ousting the sitting MP to stand in the Aberdeenshire North and Moray East constituency.

The leader of the Scottish Tories had declared numerous times that his ambitions were only for Holyrood but it seems that he has always had his eye on the easier life in Westminster rather than getting routinely humiliated at the Scottish parliament.

Ousting David Duguid while he was in a hospital bed has outraged many Tories with the Parliamentary watchdog investigating an expenses claim after detailed allegations in the Sunday Mail.

The £48 expenses claim on 1 November 2020 was for parking with the SFA also paying back for a £43 rail ticket for the Sunday fixture.

Ross ‘forgot’ to declare his SFA earnings in the Westminster Register of Interests which raked in £7,000 from 17 matches with the SFA involving him heavily in matches in Glasgow while Scotland was on lockdown including successive matches at Celtic Park in September.

MPs aren’t allowed to charge the tax-payer for their third job/hobbies.

Not only is it reported that Ross charged Westminster for his £48 parking ticket but he also received payment from the SFA meaning that he was repaid twice for the one expense.

On 21 November 2020 the Daily Record reported:

On November 1 2020 when the MP for Moray was in Glasgow to officiate at the delayed Scottish Cup semi-final match between Aberdeen and Celtic he claimed £48.99 for parking and £43 for a return rail ticket.

He earned around £445 from the Scottish Football Association (SFA) for the cup tie which Celtic won 2-0.

Yet despite the high-profile Hampden game, it was not declared on his newly updated MP Registers of Financial Interests.

That report is very clear that Ross was repaid for his parking ticket by the SFA, not only is he not allowed to put his hobby through on Westminster expenses but he had already been repaid by the SFA.

The conclusion to be drawn is that he got his £48 from the SFA, ‘forgot’ to declare income from 16/17 football matches totalling £7,000 but did remember to put the £48 parking charge through to Westminster, getting it paid for a second time from taxpayers.

Ross wasn’t allocated any Celtic matches in the season just finished, during a Scottish Cup tie against St Mirren the previous season a banner was unfurled relating to Ross and VAR.

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