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Tom English goes on mute over Ibrox Hate Anthems

Last week at Livingston Tom English launched a very brief campaign as an ‘anti-sectarian’ pioneer as Celtic fans enjoyed a 3-0 win to go into top place in the SPFL Premiership table.

It came as a shock to users of Twitter that the grandly titled but largely pointless ‘Chief Sports Writer’ of BBC Scotland had turned into an active campaigner, evidence was sort of thin on the ground.

In his own mind Craig Whyte’s longest surviving cheerleader had been highlighting and campaigning against sectarianism in Scottish football for 19 years. When challenged to produce any evidence to support that claim English fell silent.

When there is any scope for him to get involved English is all over it as he attempts to portray himself as a personality of some depth despite a career of utter mediocrity without breaking a single story from outside Gorgie Road. Lady Budge recently retired.

Celtic fans were quick to remind English that Ibrox would soon be hosting a Glasgow Derby, the perfect opportunity for the keyboard crusader to call out the rallying point for Scotland’s Shame.

Exactly as predicted English didn’t want to know.

His keyboard spat out over 1,100 words saying virtually nothing, offering no analysis and as expected absolutely nothing about the poison that was pouring out the four stands at Ibrox from Ally McCoist’s 48,000 fellow fans.

English recited the action from Ibrox like a schoolboy hoping for a place on a College Journalism course, everything was fascinating, wonderful, exciting but not a peep on the songbook from the man affectionately known as House Paddy at Pacific Quay.

As the teams lined up in the tunnel The Billy Boys was clearly heard, a song so extreme that the SFA were forced by UEFA to ban it from Scottish football grounds almost 20 years ago.

English refused to comment on it, it was also heard a few times through the match, presumably House Paddy was so wrapped up in the thrilling excitement that he forgot to mention it.

When it comes to the big events such as the Olympic Games or Olympics English is unable to make the cut for the bloated team that the BBC takes to these events, instead he is left to provide colour pieces from the isolation of his man cave.

CLICK HERE for English’s dishwater piece on the 3-3 draw at Ibrox.

CLICK HERE for Celtic fans call out ‘campaigner’ English.

Funnily enough in June 2012 Rangers did go down in flames, into the urn of liquidation.

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