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‘Just sack Beale’ ’embarrassing’ ‘Bootlickers’ Murray Park losers ramp up their England love-in

In a desperate bid to deflect attention from their own failings the Ibrox Tribute Act have been milking the use of Murray Park by the England national team.

It is a familiar ploy used by the club to appear relevant as their own club implodes with rage created by the demands of their own supporters.

After defeats from PSV Eindhoven and Celtic the only announcement that matters is when Micky Beale gets removed as manager but with three years left on a lucrative contract and following a squad rebuild the only hope is that the rookie boss resigns.

Bearing in mind his future employment hopes Beale won’t be walking away.

Releasing a video clip of another team at your training ground is pretty tin-pot, as expected the club and loyal bears are drooling over seeing proper footballers using the training ground that Beale uses to prepare his side for matches.

Watching the video you will notice that the FA have taken over Murray Park in it’s entirety, there is no mention of the club or sighting of Castore anywhere to be seen.

A 12 foot blue barrier has been built around the training pitch, as the players go through their exercises there are billboards all around for the FA’s sponsorship partners.

No Ibrox player has ever played for England, John Souttar and Ryan Jack are expected to be named among the Scotland substitutes for tomorrow’s match.

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