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sd23 returns to Kerrydale Street with Celtic transfer updates

After a couple of days offline sd23 has returned to Kerrydale Street tonight, lighting up the Celtic Transfer thread.

Since the start of June the newish member of the popular message-board has provided a very accurate reading of Celtic matters starting with the move to bring in Brendan Rodgers to succeed Ange Postecoglou.

At the weekend sd23 anticipated that Celtic would break their transfer record by £7m, that prediction hasn’t yet been realised but timing is less important than the substance of his posts.

No-one was predicting new contracts for Kyogo Furuhashi or Daizen Maeda but within the course of a few days the club has quietly laid down a marker that there will be no exodus of players following Postecoglou and Jota out the door.

Message-boards can have their own unique style of language but there was enough detail tonight for Celtic fans to go into the weekend expecting a significantly stronger Starting XI when the new season kicks off.

Followed by ‘2 Swiss lads being worked on’. ‘Dutch centre back’, ‘3 or 4 goalies’ ‘One from England, not a young player’ ‘Goalies looking at 3 or 4ot 4. Not a priority’ ;Greek midfielder and Austrian midfielder on the long list. No names yet’

In reply to a question about a left-back and a winger sd23 replied ‘They are done’.

Later sd23 added ‘We are breaking the record.’

Time will tell how accurate sd23 is but right now there are plenty of Celtic fans putting their belief in the KDS newbie delivering the good news ahead of the chasing pack.

CLICK HERE to visit the KDS transfer thread.





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